OZCharge 12 V 4 A

OZCharge 12V 4A battery charger

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OZCharge EPS 24Volt 25Amp Triple Output Switch Mode Battery Charger Industrial switch-mode charger has been specially developed for use with all deep-cycle, sealed lead-acid, calcium lead and automotive/ mArine batteries including immobilized gel electrolyte batteries, batteries on motor homes, on sailing yachts, ambulance, and emergency vehicles. It has three out banks so you can charge three batteries simultaneously. Charging characteristics The charging characteristics is generally designed as a modified IUOU characteristic The OzCharge 12Volt OC-SW121040 (4Amp) battery charger & mAintainer comprises of the latest microprocessor controlled switched mode technology with the added bonus of a selectable battery Rejuvenation (De-Sulphation) feature which has been proven to break down the crystalline form of lead sulphate within the battery cells which helps extend your battery life. There is also an auto mAtic Equalisation feature for Calcium batteries which helps to mAintain and balance your battery cells. It is fully auto mAtic with safety timers, reverse polarity, short circuit and overload protection and it comes standard with quick connect crocodile clips and a wall mount bracket.
Electrical Characteristics
Minimum Battery Capacity 12Ah
Maximum Battery Capacity 80Ah
Nominal Battery Charge Voltage 12V
Maximum Charge Current 4A
Input Voltage Range 220-260Vac
Minimum Operating Temp 0°C
Maximum Operating Temp 40°C
Mechanical Characteristics
Cooling Method
Battery Connectors
IP Rating
Dimensions (height x width x length) 50 x 80 x 180 mm

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